Metal Roof

Asphalt Roof

​Cedar Shake Roof

​​Asphalt shingle color and type can be selected to match other roofs in the project area. We offer traditional three tab shingles as well as architectural shingles. 
Cedar shakes offer a natural and rustic look. When fresh, the shakes' color will be various shades of brown and will subsequently change to a weathered gray after about one year of exposure. 
A popular choice that will offer long lasting durability. We offer a wide variety of colors to fit any situation. 





Our gazebos can be primed and painted to the color of your choice.

​​Cedartone sealer (pictured above) is a popular option for lasting beauty and protection. Other color shades are available as well.​​​​​​

Clear sealant can be used to preserve the wood's natural tones.



Glider Swing


A four foot octagon table is shown here. Other options are available such as shelf style tables mounted along the sides of the gazebo.

Our double glider swing holds up to four adults. Standard yard swings are also available to be installed in any of our gazebos.

Benches are available in a variety of configurations

Other Options



Double Roof

Never worry about bugs and windblown trash in your gazebo again with our available screen and door package.

Add a crowning touch to your gazebo by adding a cupola. Cupolas will be painted or stained to match the gazebo color.

Add to the aesthetics of your gazebo and increase ventilation by adding a double roof. Note; oblong sized gazebos come standard with double roofs.