Our Difference
Massive Solid beam Construction

100% Chemical-free Pacific Cedar solid beams throughout every play set. No gluing or multi layered timbers here! Simply the best Cedar Wood available!
Many companies use multi-layers of smaller timbers laminated or glued together, which are prone to warping, splinters, and structural damage after only a few short seasons. Action Playsets which are the only brand of equipment Play Systems do not!  We only sell chemical-free Pacific Cedar which resists warping and cracking so your wood playset will last for years to come! These playsets are designed with safety first, and they are the only playsets that Action Playsets puts their name behind.  Cedar beams require little to no maintenance as they are naturally resistant to pest infestations, fungus, and decay.
Multi-beam joint connection
Safe, long lasting construction is the only way to build a playset! All joints on our playsets hold their structural integrity as a result of our inter-connected and corrosion resistant solid beams. Our hot dipped galvanized hardware ensures that all joints hold their structural integrity. This results in tight joints and enhanced stability for the life of your playset.

Gotcha - Grips

Don’t worry we “Gotcha”! Keeping true to or safety values, each handle, handrail, Trapeze Bar & Ladder rung goes through our non-slip “Gotcha” process. Hot dipped galvanized steel rods are stamped with thousands of nonslip dimples & and are powder coated !

Snag Free Safety Hardware

Snag Free Safety Hardware
Don't get caught! Hot dipped galvanized bolt fasteners eliminate sharp, protruding attachments. This can be a common problem for many playsets. Hands and exposed skin won't get scratched and clothing won't get caught.

Pinch Free Safety Swings

Hang on tight! By eliminating all sharp edges and pinch points, we also improve the safety and integrity of our swings. Our self-locking connectors fasten our rubber dipped oversized chains to the swing of your choice.

Double Wall Safety Slides

Scratch and splinter free slides result in a safe ride every time! Our slides require no wood reinforcement, are double walled, and are free of interior or exterior protruding bolts.



Basketball Hoops



In-Ground Hoops

Manufactures the safest, most durable and stable in-ground basketball hoop available. Our corrosion-resistant heavy-gauge steel pole, matched with our oversized Pier-Mount Anchor System is the foundation for every in-ground hoop that we deliver. Our proprietary, dual cylinder Power Arc 90® Lift Assist eases raising the backboard from 6ft to 10ft, and a Bolt-to-Steel Dual Hinged Safety Break Away Rim will protect you and your family from aggressive play

Wall Mount Hoops

PROformance Hoops understands that sometimes space doesn't allow for an in-ground basketball hoop. That’s why our line of wall mount adjustable basketball hoops are a convenient cost effective choice when space is an issue or you have an indoor facility. The built in adjustment mechanism can be operated from ground level using the removable crank handle provided. Adjustments from 6ft to 10ft can be made without the use of a ladder or clumsy crank attachments.


PROformance Hoops, the best-engineered goals on the market, require the best accessories. Replacement rims, nets, pole pads and backboard pads are just a few of the add-ons and accessories available from the performance experts at PROformance Hoops. Magnify your PROformance experience by adding a specialty licensed and colored safety net or training aid. Our line of performance-based accessories is what makes the PROformance difference.